Thursday, 16 October 2008

Mount Teide

Alrighty There People!

No doubt you are now well aware that I was in sunny Tenerife in September (but why oh why did I come back to Rainy Britain??!)

One of the trips that I took whilst there was a visit to Mount Teide, the active though dormant volcano in the Teide National Park (more info on the wiki:

It was a beautiful day, but we had been warned to wrap up warm, and we dutifully complied. When we stepped off of the coach, the coolness of the mountain air hit us. Compared to the warmth of the beach, it was cold! We paid the 25 Euros each - yes, each - for the cable car ride, and took the 8 minute journey to the top (although technically it wasn't the top, you need a permit to get there.) We were warned that the temperature at the top was a Brit-like 6 degrees, with a -15 wind chill. Ouch. The air is also a lot thinner at 12,000 feet - and I suffered from this.

But the views were absolutely spectacular. Looking out across the ridge, we could clearly make out the rim of the crater that we had just driven across (a bizarre feeling), and the clouds hung low in the horizon.

Turning to look at the peak of the volcano was fascinating. The harsh, bleak, sandy colour contrasted greatly with the light blue hue of the sky. Of course, I instantly whipped out the N95, and snapped this image:

Image Details:
Date Taken: 29/09/2008 11:18
Dimensions: 2592x1944
Size: 1.50mb

What do you think?

Interestingly, the surrounding areas were used to film Planet of the Apes and some Star Wars scenes. I'll post a view from Teide later, but meantime, your thoughts on this are much appreciated.

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