Saturday, 1 November 2008

HDR Images Using the Nokia N95

Alrighty There People!

For some time now, I've been wanting to take some HDR images with the N95. For those of you that are not sure of what an HDR (High Dynamic Range) image looks like, check out these Google Image results:

HDR Crane


HDR Sunset Over Fields

Now, I've worked out the process, and I can manage the beginning of the process, and the end of the process, but I can't do the middle...

Here's what I've got.

HDR images are obtained by taking the same shot but at different exposure levels, then flattening them into one image, so that your final image of the shot contains the brightest brights and the darkest darks. Okay.

Now, the N95 has the capability to change the exposure levels, from 2+.0 right down to -2.0, at 1/2 intervals.

It would therefore simply be a case of find your shot, take the picture at +2.0 exposure, then change the exposure to +1.5, then +1.0, etc until you are down to -2.0.

Then upload the photos to the PC, and using any of the various software packages available (ie, Adobe Bridge can convert multiple images to HDR), convert the five or six images into 1 HDR image. Sorted.

Problem: The camera has to stay absolutely still during this process.

There are two ways around this.

Method One: Obtain a bluetooth keyboard, and wirelessly change the settings between shots. Slow, arduous, and requiring a bluetooth keyboard.

Method Two: Obtain a script, which, upon exection, takes the shot, changes the exposure, and repeats until all the exposure levels have been captured. Now this is the method for me.

Problem: I have no experience of writing scripts.

Now, apparently, the firmware on the N95 allows for a script to change these exposure levels... so now we need to wait for someone clever to come along and actually write the script... any takers?

Comments, as always, below...

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