Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The Maze of Glass - Kielder

Alrighty There People!

So one day in the summer I went up to Kielder in Northumberland. It's a fantastic area, with it's immense forest, humongous reservoir, and absolutely tiny castle...

A new feature to the grounds of the castle was a walk-through maze, which I was quite excited about, until I got there and saw it for myself. It, like the castle, was somewhat lacking in size. Constructed from local hewn stones, it was drab and grey.

Until you got to the middle, that is.

For in the centre of the maze, the surrounding walls were made of chunks of glass held in place by chicken wire. And in case that doesn't sound too cool, check out the picture that I took of it on the N95:

I must admit, I was quite taken with this shot. What do you think?

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