Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Fountains Abbey, Yorkshire

On Saturday, I went down to Fountains Abbey, a National Trust site in Yorkshire.

It was a sunny day, there were lots of people around, and it was great. This is just one of the many pictures that I took there-it's a view of the Abbey. It was so colossal and majestic, I would highly recommend it.

Comments, as always, much appreciated.


Zeca said...

Hmmm ... the previous shot was smudgy (idk a better way to describe it) and this one is quite blurred in corners :( - check if your settings are over compressing image and/or if your lens are dirty...

Anyway ... nice places, i'm kinda jealous... :]

chandelirious said...

Thanks very much, I must try cleaning the lens...

Thanks for looking!

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