Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Rubik's Cube

Here's a picture that I took whilst bored at work one day - it's a Rubik's cube!

I love this picture - now I need to find out how to solve it!


Zeca said...

Solving it is easy ... i own several rubik's puzzles (some of them here: ... 3x3x3 is easy... 2x2x2 is trivial ... 4x4x4 is a pain to solve due to parity problems... is your friend whne comes to find a way to solve a cube.. (and yours is not very scrambled)

Back to subject, mobile phones, as i said before, excell in macro photography... nice nostalgic photo ... ;p

chandelirious said...

Thanks Zeca,

I haven't tried hard to solve it, I quite like having to sit and think about it...

I love macro mode!

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