Monday, 16 November 2009

Tower Bridge, London

I was in London at the weekend-and I'm going to post a few pictures that I took there-but I thought I'd start with this one. It's of Tower Bridge.

Now, I initially wanted an amazing pic of the bridge, in all it's glory, which I was going to take from London Bridge. But. When I got to London Bridge and looked across, there was a massive cover over the left half of the bridge, where repairs were being carried out. My dream pic was ruined. So instead, I walked along the Thames for a bit, until I actually came to the bridge, and decided to snap this pic instead.

I think it's great, the architecture on the bridge is awesome.

What do you think?

Comments, as always, much appreciated.


Zeca said...

That photo is quite awesome... they have dragon gargoyles watching for the bridge XD

I hope i don't mind, but since it was a little washed out, i used it into some experimental technic to increase dynamic range where it doesn't exist, it's based on histogram analysis and global contrast enchancement, similar to HDR technics but without requiring several exposures (but it works best in RAW files)


chandelirious said...

Yeah, it looks better when you've altered it - I could play around with them, but I prefer to just upload them the way they are - I still think that it's a fantastic camera, seeing as it's part of a phone.

I'll be uploading some night shots of London soon, and some shots of - and from - the London Eye.

Thanks for looking!

sams2 said...

Don't forget to use 'night mode' (need steady hands) and change white balance to 'cloudy' when taking night photos. You'll be amazed with the photos after changing this settings. But hands must be steady. I still taking photos with my n95 and friends thought i used DSLR camera.

chandelirious said...

Yeah, I always change to night mode, but didn't know about changing it to cloudy - thanks for the tip!

sams2 said...

Yes. With white balance changed to Cloudy, you'll get natural ambient lighting and better surrounding colors. What you see is what you get. Now I always change white balance for all my photo shoot. I don't believe any cameras that claim produce natural color. I've seen expensive DSLR untouch photos, no difference than cheap compact camera. Thats why i still hang on to my n95 which is always in my pocket.

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