Sunday, 30 August 2009

The River Nidd at Knaresborough

Let me tell you, first of all, about this great app for the N95 called Panoman. It uses the camera to take a series of pictures-going, for example, from left to right-then stitch them together to make a panoramic shot. It's with that fantastic app that I've taken this picture.

So we're in Knaresborough visiting Old Mother Shipton's cave. It's okay, but not fantastic. The scenery, river and views round about, however, are amazing. After strolling along the river for a while, we came to a waterside cafe, where I had a most delicious chocolate milkshake, and my wife had a jam and cream scone that was so nice that the local wasps wanted to get in on the action...

It was from this vantage point, at a crease in the River Nidd, that I took the above shot. Now, I haven't yet been able to get onto the PC to check out the resolution and image quality, but from the screen of the Nokia N95 it's looking good... We've got the river, boats, trees and more. What do you think?

Comments, as always, much appreciated.

Oh, and one more thing... I've got something VERY EXCITING to say... So check back tomorrow for that!

1 comment:

Zeca said...

A very nice panorama, nicely done, specially considering that is water involved...

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